Monday, January 19, 2009

Tassenmuseum (Museum of Bags and Purses)


After Ted and I enjoyed a yummy hot chocolate and bagel, we headed for the Tassenmuseum. We knew we could walk there, but with time being a consideration, we thought we should take a tram, until we spotted the bicycle taxis! We decided to splurge and take that instead. It was a nice ride until we hit the last bridge. It was on a hill and try as he might, the guy just could not pedal us up to the top. We finally had to get out and then Ted gave him a boost! It was hilarious! Does it look bad for him?? or us?? No...don't answer! LOL
What a neat place, especially if you are a purse/bag lover like I am! There were 3 1/2 floors of all sorts of bags and purses and stories of the evolution of their uses. At one time, men and women both used them when there were no pockets in the clothing. Once pockets became more prevelent in trousers, the men slowly dropped the practice of using purses. We saw purses made of all sorts of materials, including leather, tortoise shell, the most finely beaded purses, straw, metal mesh, wood, all sorts of animal skins. You name it, they had it. We were lucky enough to be there when they had a special exhibit of "It's all Glamour and Glitter",that included purses by designers, those used by celebrities. Did you see 'Sex and the City' movie? Remember the darling cupcake purse that was covered in bling? That was acquired by the museum (the purse was from the 1930's) so I got to see it as well. Check out the link, it goes into more detail about this special exhibit and you can get a peek at that darling purse. We weren't allowed to take photos, so I bought a pack of postcards that included that purse.

Another special exhibit that they had there that was SO cool were lights made from glass in the shape of purses! They were SO neat. They were for sale--a bit pricey as you could imagine, but I couldn't figure out how I would get one home in one piece.

I would have loved to take one home. They had different sizes, shapes and styles. Any one of them would have been neat to have. Here is what the website says...

"December 8 sees the opening of an exhibition of glass sculptures by Design Elena, offering visitors the opportunity to buy them. Elena Graure-Manta designs and makes superb glass objects in her own atelier in Erftstadt in Germany. These brightly-coloured sculptures in the form of bags can be admired up until January 18, 2009."

Okay--are you ready for the best part of the day? I got a new the shape of a tulip...and it's pink! LOL Kirt just shook his head. But they were one of a kind purses by a designer and if I didn't get it and wanted to later, I wouldn't have been able to get one. So--since I'm not buying fabric....I got a purse!

Ta da! I think she's so cute and now I'm ready for spring.


Tazzie said...

Ohhh my goodness, that is the cutest purse I've ever seen!!

Suzanne Earley said...

tazzie beat me -- i was coming to tell you that was the most adorable purse i'd ever seen.

Danielle said...

I love that pink purse. When I was in Amsterdam, it struck me that they seem to have a museum for everything, even torture, but I didn't see the Tassenmuseum!