Monday, January 12, 2009

Waiting for clothes in Ted's workroom

My baggage finally arrived, but it took the courier another 19 to deliver it! GRRR.... but we got to spend some time in Ted's workroom. Guess what I got? A sneak peek of her newest quilt in the works. another beauty, I tell ya! wanna see? I have her permission to post these sneak peeks of some elements in her quilt. Sorry--a one was a bit blurry. I'll see if I can get better ones before I leave.

one element--check out the background...that's all I'm saying. We were also entertained by her birds, who were so happy to have company in their room again. They just sang their hearts out for us!

I made several finger pincushions, one for her and then for other friends....(hey Annamarte--remind Ted that one is for YOU!!) I love these little pincushions, so handy to have close to your sewing.

Well, this is the first day that I have my own clothes again! We are off for a bit of exploring but I need to be home early as my hubby flew in today and we are going to dinner with friends. Then tomorrow Ted and I will go have a Spa day.....I can't wait!!

Tot ziens,


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Annemart said...

Hey Karen! Thanks! I will stalk her for one! Glad to read your bag has been brought to you. Anything to tell about all his travels?
See you in Houston!