Thursday, August 18, 2011

#1 done in 10 in 10-Scrappy Baby Diamonds

#1 Scrappy Baby Diamonds....DONE!

Scrappy Baby Diamonds in a Zig Zag setting

Okay, so I took it easy on myself and chose an easy quilt to do! It was a class sample and is a baby quilt. Although I love Warm and Natural batting, I don't like it in baby quilts, I think it makes them too heavy.  So a lot of times I just use flannel on the back and skip the batting altogether.  And that's what I did on this one.  I just enveloped it, i.e., put the backing on, right sides together and sewed all the way around.  I opened up a seam in the backing (this only works if you have a pieced back) and turned it inside out.  Saved me from having to do binding, especially on those points!  This was the easiest quilt in the bunch, so got it out of the way. I'm like that, get the easy stuff out of the way! LOL

I had this piece of flannel and it's a nice heavy piece that's so soft.  It wasn't enough to do the whole backing, but since I had to do a pieced backing of some sort, it worked.

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Carol said...

What a wonderful, wonderful baby quilt!