Thursday, August 18, 2011

10 in 10

(photo is missing 2 of the quilts)

Can I do it?  My Bi-annual Quilt Show is in 10 days, well 9 now and I really wanted to get my quilt count up a little higher.  I have several flimsies (quilt tops waiting to be quilted) and I thought I would use the Quilt Show as an incentive to get a few more done. A few of them have been languishing for a couple of years for me to decide what to quilt or get the nerve to quilt them.  One in particular was a Triple Irish Chain that I wanted to do diagonal lines on them. It's hard to do diagonal lines on a long arm! So, the quilt sat. Well, now is the time and the challenge is on (to myself)...   If only this were the only thing I had to, Khloe (my long arm)....rev up your engine because here I come.............

see her back by the window?

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