Friday, August 26, 2011

#9 in 10 in 10 done! Scrappy Trip Around the World

#9- Scrappy Trip Around the World
Scrappy Trip Around the World

Woohoo! Final countdown...I see the end in sight!  And I should actually call this Scrappy Trip Around Las Vegas as I bought this fabric in LV a few years ago.  I just loved these fabrics and it's bright..right up my alley!  I followed Bonnie of Quiltville's basic instructions.  I controlled my scraps though. Easy peasy. 

I had two extra blocks left so rather than come up with another project for them or have extra blocks sitting around, I put them on the back.  It's hard to see the lower fabric, but it has all the colors of the quilt in it and is just perfect for the backing. 

ignore the propane tank in the background, okay? :)  I cropped it and then the program wouldn't load it, so you get to see it. Lucky day for you. 

Sitting in this chair...looking so perfect near the garden...and fits right in with that pink flamingo! LOL It's so cheesy, I love it! My hubby just rolls his eyes. with a crazy quilter!

Quilt Show preparations are coming along.  We won't hang any quilts until tomorrow morning, but the good news is that it's going to be a gorgeous day!  Hopefully not very much wind. My last show in 2009 it was so windy, I could hardly take any photos and most of them were hanging horizontally--flapping in the wind!

If you live in Central Ohio, you are welcome to come visit all these and 115+ more!  I love seeing all these quilts hanging the woods.  Quilters just sharing their work with others. 

 I get several people stopping by thinking that I'm having a yard sale and am selling all of them! Yeah right.  I had a guy stop one year and wanted to buy a particular quilt. I told him, no, they are not for sale. In fact, the one he wanted was a class sample.  I told him I could teach him how to make it, but it wasn't for sale. He got very persistent, telling me that everything is for sale for a price. So I told him the price I would sell it for to recoup my materials and time and he got mad! Said I was asking way too much. I told him he was right--everything is for sale--for the right price for ME--not him.  :)   I'd rather give my quilts to those that love them, than sell them for next to nothing.  So..therefore I teach people to make their own. Much more satisfaction in that anyway. right?  


Melinda said...

I love this quilt. The colors are wonderful. Isn't it interesting how people can be about things we make.

Alycia said...

Boy I just love that quilt! Especially next to the flamingo!!