Saturday, August 20, 2011

#3 done in 10 in 10--4 patch and friends

#3- 4 patch and friends

4 patch and friends
A twin size quilt that I really wanted to do something special on and couldn't decide.     So I put it off again! So, went back to eating my frog for the day. 

I can't remember where I saw this pattern, it has several names.  A fun, easy way to use up scraps. I was on a floral spree a few years ago, so had to come up with a lot of ways to use them. This is one. 

I'm so glad it's finally off the hanger, and is quilted. It needs the binding hand stitched down to the back and it's ready to put on a bed! 

I had the blue floral fabric hanging on the hanger with the quilt top, so I assumed it had the backing ready. was just a piece of fabric.  That would only do 1/2 of the back. Drats! Instead of loading up a backing, I had to find more fabric and piece a back. Talk about slowing you down!  I ended up with a mish mash of floral fabrics. I thought it looked better when laying pieces on the floor to audition them. But oh well, it's done!

This particular fabric was from an old curtain in the early 80's! And I think I m made them out of sheets! I was going through my girls boxes of old clothes (I thought I'd make them a quilt out of their old clothes...but most were polyester!).  So a vintage sheet..coming back in vogue. 

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Pokey said...

It finished well, despite the ripping out! This is one of my favorite designs, and I appreciate the florals, even though they aren't the favorites of today. You just don't beat the beauty of the garden ~