Tuesday, August 09, 2011

Project Fail

Do you ever have those?  I have my share of them and you don't often see people post them...because...well, it's embarrassing.  Here I am the teacher and the students all think I don't make mistakes.  Well...I'm telling ya. I DO!  LOL

I saw a great Scrappy Wheel pillow (I can't find the photo now), but I thought I knew how I would do it.  Okay, I admit, I forget my geometry now and then and this was a biggie.

I would be the first to admit that I don't mind a little wonky in my quilts. I think it add a lot of personality.  But for a class project?  that was NOT supposed to be wonky?  I just cut little strips and sewed them to a circle. Well, hello!  I should have cut wedges. Too late now.  I might cut it up and use it for something else, but it's not going to make it as a pillow.  

Plan B

Get out the Dresden ruler....forget the points and curves...and there ya go.  But not 2 layers. Oh well, next time.

A little better, my stomach feels better. 

The other one?  just a little too...off kilter

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