Wednesday, August 24, 2011

#7 done in 10 in 10! Picture Perfect

#7 Picture Perfect

Picture Perfect

I'm getting there...sorry for the poor picture quality, it was storming early this AM and I had to quick grab my hubby to hold the quilt and the lighting was poor.

if I'm not mistaken, I think it's another Terry Atkinson design. My internet is crawling at a snail's pace today for some reason or I'd look it up. I'm too lazy to walk back over to the studio and look for the book! hey, I'm honest. 

I got a bit side tracked with some little munchkins!  I had them for a few days while their Mom and Dad and 2 older siblings went to an amusement park for a long day.  Their family vacation was cancelled due to one of the kids getting sick and they never found the time to go. So, this was their vacation.  Did you know one year olds are VERY busy?  When you are cleaning up one mess, there is usually another one going on somewhere else! Salt ALL over the floor was the worst, it went everywhere and stuck to your feet. After sweeping several times, you could still feel it.

at the park....swinging....

and since one certain little 3 year old found some 'coins' at the park and when asked what she'd like to buy, she wanted ice cream from McDonald's.  They aren't allowed to eat meals there, but she was sure Momma wouldn't mind her getting ice cream! :)  How could I say no?

and back to the sewing room...I wish I had a little sewing fairy to help me.  No, I take that back, I'll sew....I wish I had a 'cleaning' fairy...yes, that's what I need!  I think some late nights are calling my name as  my Quilt show is nearing!

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The Demanding Doll said...

Please share the cleaning fairy.

Adorable kids.