Thursday, August 11, 2011

a grandkid break

And now for our favorite part of summer....the week with the grandkids at the beach...

Nana and kids..on our 12 hour trip down. Poor Papa had a business trip that week and had to fly down and meet us there. Hmmmm. Smart man.  

Actually, I can't complain, they were good. 

Feeding the turtles...every morning

picnic lunches

getting the barrel of water dumped on you! (it came down so hard, it knocked the 5 yo over!)

making tie dyed shirts...eating lots of fudgesicles and popsicles..

Building bears--actually there wasn't ONE bear made! they made Tanzanian wolves, bunnies and kitties. 

watching the Smurf movie and eating LOTS of popcorn

learning to surf on the boogie board

building sand castles

Having diving contests

learning to ride your bike and then taking long bike rides every day

and SO much more! Whew, what a wonderful week.  We are truly blessed. 

And now back to our regularly scheduled program....


Carol said...

What a wonderful, wonderful time!

Marydon said...

We just had our for the week. What a blast. Love your photos, obviously a grand time was had by all.

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Have a beautiful weekend.