Sunday, August 21, 2011

#4 done in 10 in 10--Figgy Tree

#4--Figgy Tree is done! 
It's a twin size, but might hang on my wall during the holidays. 

Figgy Tree
I swear that's what the pattern was called, but I can't find it anywhere to link to it!  It was made from Figgy Tree fabric from Moda and there was a free pattern with it. It's not on their website either? It was a couple of years ago.  Wow...time flies!   Anyway, I loved the look of the non-traditional Christmas colors, which means it could hang up longer than Christmas! :)

I couldn't decide how to quilt it because it had 3D trees on in and I didn't want to quilt them down and take away the whole look.  So I just did a 'ribbon' look up through the center of the 3D trees. 

The big square blocks were huge!  And so I wouldn't get bored, I did something slightly different in each block. Sometimes I mimicked the block with asymmetrical lines,  others I did a spiral, this one I did a flower in the center and swirly lines and squiggles??

 and others I did swirly flowers radiating from the center. I just made them up as I went. 

My friend found the backing for me at a big discount so I had her buy me enough to do the whole backing. But, ho hum. Plain backings (even it is a print--but all one piece) tend to bore me anymore. I get excited to look at the back of the quilts to see if there is a surprise backing, don't you?  But I had the fabric, so I just added a strip of brown with aqua flowers. Totally unrelated to the line, in fact it was from a quilt my granddaughter made with fabric from JoAnn's.  But it matched, so it went in to break up the big ol' honkin' piece.  Not over the top exciting, but it will work. 

So far, so good in my own self imposed challenge. Think I can keep it up? AND get everything else done for my quilt show PLUS other obligations?  Time will tell.........




Carol said...

You're doing great! I think you'll get it all done! Clapping and cheering you on! The quilt is really great!

Sarah N. said...

I made this same quilt!

Here is the link to the pattern:

And here is the link to my post about my quilt!

I can't wait for Christmas to get here so I can use my quilt!