Monday, August 22, 2011

#5 done in 10 in 10---Granny's Bloomer's

#5 done--Granny's Bloomers. 

Granny's Bloomers
I used a line by Lakehouse from a few years ago. I had FQ's and just cut them into strips. Jelly rolls worked well with this pattern. 

We couldn't figure out why it was named that, other than it was supposed to be flowers?  The original design by Terry Atkinson featured 30's reproductions. (Thanks to Bev--she found the link for me! Granny's Bloomers)  Of course, I had to haul out my brights!  I used this as a retreat quilt last year.  A bit ambitious for my beginning students. But some did get it done. 

This is another Lakehouse print and I think was part of the line. If it wasn't, it worked. :)  

I quilted it with swirls all over.  I love doing those.  I like the look better than meandering but is just about as quick. 

I used the rest of my strips to be part of the backing.  I had to dig to come up with coordinating fabrics and I am bound and determined not to buy fabric.  Forces a gal to be creative, ya know?

Another biggie done.  And actually, it's not taking all that long. I admit, it has been taking me longer to come up with and sew the backings than it does to actually quilt the thing!  But i just didn't want to shortcut the backs.  I think I would regret it later. 

Back to the design board.  I try to figure out at least how I am going to do the backs and try to get the top loaded of the next quilt so I can hit the ground sewing first thing the next morning. Seems like when I have it partially started it somehow makes it easier. 

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Bev said...

I love that quilt!! I would love to make one like that. Is the pattern still available or could you give measurements? Great colors too!