Monday, August 08, 2011

dreaming and creating...

After taking 4 grandkids to the beach for a week break, I am back...


and creating...

I am on the downward slope of making my samples. it's going to be a 



*pillows are hot right now
*they are inexpensive to make
*you can use scraps leftover from your quilts--no NEW fabric, unless you want to!
*it's a great way to learn a new technique without a huge investment of money and time
*they make great gifts
*it's a great way to practice machine quilting skills
*who can't use more pillows?
*I'm making pillow covers so only ONE pillow form needs to be purchased, if desired
*Learn several ways to make pillow cover backs (psst..zippers are involved and they are E-A-S-Y! I pinky swear!)

I'll be posting some here and also at my website as I make final decisions.  Stay tuned!

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